Meadowlands Hospital – ED Expansion

About the Project

As part of the plan of LibertyHealth to expand and enhance its Meadowlands Hospital, RSC Architects was asked to develop a new emergency department that was larger, more modern, and more patient-friendly.

RSC redesigned the emergency department to include a new emergency room drop- off, reception and waiting areas, treatment rooms, a nurses’ station, an ambulance unloading area, and an administrative office and support area. As part of the new addition, RSC also proposed a new main entrance for the hospital.

The new emergency department will greatly increase the size of the present ER facility and bring about more organized traffic circulation and parking. The department will be prominently located near the main entrance and parking lot, and it will link to the existing main lobby and radiology/tomography wing of the hospital. It will also have a separate emergency room entrance and parking lot.

The proposed plans also include changes to the hospital building that will give it a new modern appearance. A curtain wall façade at the main entrance area will allow for plenty of natural light into the waiting and reception area. A new undulating façade will face the Meadowlands Parkway.