Markets We Serve

At RSC Architects, we work in a variety of sectors, providing design services to everyone from educators to physicians, and from Mayors to CEOs. Our work is tailored to the needs of our clients, and we have built expertise in each of the following areas:


Throughout the years, the healthcare industry has experienced consistent growth in philosophy and technology, while providing goods and services to treat patients with the necessary care. It is important that we maintain these facilities so that they are well-suited to their functions and embrace and encourage health and healing. Today’s healthcare facilities are also hubs of innovation, providing clean, safe spaces for the treatment and the care of all patients. At RSC, we’ve worked with individual doctors and expansive healthcare networks to design spaces that efficiently meet their needs, while exceeding their patients’ expectations.


The design and the construction of educational facilities have come a long way – from simple brick facades to extraordinary, adaptive, environmental, and self-sustainable co-working spaces. As schools become more complex, the facilities themselves become teaching tools, inspiring students to embrace their talents and give back to the community. RSC Architects is inspired by the students and the faculty that inhabit these spaces to create new facilities that focus on interaction and hands-on learning. We work with educators and design facilities for all learners – from children to adults. Our work spans from Pre-K through K-12 and Higher Education, and the spaces that we have created are agile, flexible, and allow for on-going growth. We have also built out specialized spaces that are designed around individual curriculum and pedagogy.


Civic centers, municipal buildings, and community complexes are facilities that serve the greater community. At RSC Architects, we take pride in partnering with municipalities to create facilities that give back. Designed to represent the values of a community as a whole, civic architecture often embodies a classic architectural language, building on a platform that signifies unity, community, and togetherness. The success of these facilities relies on the collective ideas that RSC Architects works hard to achieve – making spaces that serve and embody a community and the culture of its citizens, promote development, and support the public’s connections and needs.


RSC Architects has been extremely successful in designing a variety of commercial structures for both individual business owners and multi-national corporations. This work has ranged from individual tenant fit-outs to mixed-use commercial structures. The design of successful and functional structures involves an array of factors and considerations during the process, such as the industry’s building codes and safety regulations. RSC Architects ensures that all measures are accounted for, while delivering a design that exceeds expectations and aligns with our client’s goals.


RSC Architects has unique and specific experience in working with fire departments to create facilities that are tailored to their needs. From historic brick buildings to modern flexible spaces, these facilities are always an honor to design and build, providing us with a sense of civic pride to serve as one of the major architects within the state who designs firehouses and fire training facilities.

Food Services

RSC designs restaurants, commissaries, commercial kitchens, and other food service facilities, both for individual operators and as a part of our education and healthcare design work. Food service projects are intricate and complex in their design and delivery – commissaries, kitchens, serving, and dining areas must balance functionality and operational goals, as well as the need for convenience and an aesthetic culinary experience for customers. RSC takes all of these details into account as we design consumer-oriented areas with eye-pleasing colors that keep flexibility, productivity, and sustainability in mind – not to mention, the exquisite culinary masterpieces that are created in these spaces.


Library and media center facilities are here to stay, and still in high demand throughout the United States. RSC Architects creates smart designs for these facilities within our modern, digital age – not only to provide valuable information, but to also offer experience learning through open spaces, and group activities that encourage communication and collaboration. Our diverse projects feature fun architectural spaces that are made for learning, gathering, and exploring.

Multi-Family Housing

Leveraging our municipality experience, RSC Architects works with local developers to design multi-family and mixed-use projects that keep the greater community in mind. This rapidly-growing market poses significant challenges when it comes to scale, location, community, and the essential amenities, as well as other perks. RSC is able to design beautiful buildings for various residential communities, while providing common, social environments and overcoming any challenge that a project may present through smart design techniques.

Parks and Recreation

RSC leads the way in designing innovative outdoor community spaces that maintain open space and connect communities. It is important for Cities of all sizes to keep up with the design and the maintenance of their community and neighborhood parks, as well as their recreational facilities. Investing in these spaces improves and promotes public health, while optimizing creativity, socialization, and an appreciation for the outdoors – for all residents and visitors within the community.