Design Build

At the earliest stages we partner with our clients to assist in planning for future facilities. This work entails understanding and documenting the needs and limitations of any organization, identifying opportunities within existing facilities or at new sites and mapping out a process for clients to achieve their ultimate goals. Most of all, we listen.


Our partnerships and relationships with select contractors, benefit our clients by offering them stronger cost and schedule controls during their large and complex projects. The Design-Build option is often a great fit in situations where work is phased.

Bridging Documents

We work within a Design-Build capacity during many of our projects. On occasion, we have been tasked with creating bridging documents for our clients to use in attracting and procuring a Design-Build team. These documents capture the project’s design intent, give definition to the scale and the quality of the work, and provide critical information in order to manage the cost expectations for both the Design-Build team and the client.